Science Camp Cycle II On Next Week

If your children are spending most of their July/August vacation indoors, there is still a chance for them to go outsides, explore, and have tons of fun.

Cycle II of the Sea, Sun and Science 2018 camp is promising children in Tobago a marine science experience.

They will have fun learning about Science and the Environment during the programme, which will run from August 13-17.

Children will learn about the coral reefs and the marine environment. They will take part in exciting outdoor activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving and turtle watching. They will also visit the Buccoo Reef.

Parents can register children ages 4-10 at a cost of $800. To register or for further information, call 330-3619, 635-2000 or click on the following link:

The programme is hosted by the Buccoo Reef Trust.

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