Scarborough Health Centre to be commissioned later this month

The new $24 million Scarborough Health Centre will be officially commissioned on March 29 2011.

In addition to the normal services that were provided at the old centre on Robinson Street, Scarborough, this new facility will provide a walk-in clinic where a patient can get treatment from a doctor, dialysis services, HIV rapid testing and mental health services.

Additional and new specialist clinics will be introduced at the centre during the second quarter of this year. These include paediatrics, OB/GYN, surgery and foot care. By the end of this month patients can obtain services presently only available in Trinidad. These are placement of permanent catheter, creation of fistula and follow up care and treatment at EWMSC (MRI/cardiology/neurosurgery) by six-week appointments.

As a result of the limited accommodation for five chairs for dialysing at the Scarborough Regional Hospital and prior to the opening of the new centre, ten patients were required to access services in Trinidad; these patients will receive treatment from the end of this month.

Assistant Secretary Health and Social Services Councillor Huey Cadette said the centre now has a first-world dialysis facility that provided service for both children and adults 12 hours per day from Sunday to Friday. It is staffed by specially trained nurses, technicians and nephrologists (kidney specialists).

He said with the expanded range of services it was expected that the new centre will efficiently meet the needs of the growing Scarborough community. He noted that in the first week of operations staff at the centre attended to 117 walk-in patients and added that an appointment system has been set up to help those who do not find it convenient to use this service. Cadette disclosed that the new facility for the expansion of the existing walk-in service at the Roxborough Health Centre will be officially opened on March 22.

“The Division of Health and Social Services and the Tobago Regional Health Authority wish to stress their continued commitment to providing the people of Tobago with a high standard of health care in a friendly and supportive environment, which is reflected by the new Scarborough Health Centre, state of the art equipment and a dedicated and committed staff that are trained and experienced,” Cadette said.

He added: “We are indeed proud to provide community healthcare, wellness and health education services to the people of Tobago.”


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