Reminder that Hunting Season is Closed in Trinidad and Tobago

Tobago House of Assembly.
The Secretary of Agriculture, Marine Affairs, Marketing and the Environment, Assemblyman Godwin Adams and the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment are reminding members of the public, that the Hunting Season in Trinidad and Tobago is closed.

The Hunting Season is officially closed from Thursday February 28th 2013 to Tuesday, October 1st 2013.

Persons are reminded that hunting is PROHIBITED. Offenders will be liable to a fine of Two Thousand dollars ($2000.00) or imprisonment for Six (6) months, under the Amended Fisheries Act Chapter 67-51 Section 4.

Members of the public are strongly advised to adhere to laws which govern the Hunting Season.

Game Warden (John Edwards) with confiscated meat.
A 23 year old man was charged with attempting to sell turtle meat during this closed hunting season. Keston Fraser of Kendal, appeared before Magistrate Michael Broomes of Scarborough Magistrates Court today to answer to the charge.

The court heard that acting on information; wild life patrol officers went to Zion Hill, Belle Garden where they met the accused advertising turtle meat for sale.

The undercover game wardens requested to purchase some of the meat, and Fraser proceeded to take the officers to get the meat.

When he produced the items, he was immediately arrested, cautioned and taken to the Roxborough Police Station, where he was charged with the offence of offering turtle meat for sale, under the Amended Fisheries Act 67-51 Section 4.

Fraser pleaded guilty to the charge and was fined $1,900.00 or 6 months imprisonment.

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