Promoting Tourism to Tobago

Secretary of the Division of Tourism and Transportation, Tracy Davidson-Celestine.
Secretary of the Division of Tourism and Transportation (DOTT) Tracy Davidson-Celestine said that a recent trip to Berlin was a successful venture.

The Secretary was among the Trinidad and Tobago delegation that included representatives from the Division of Tourism and Transportation, Ministry of Tourism and various tourism stakeholders that attended the Internationale Tourismusbörse (ITB), an annual tourism and travel trade convention in Germany.

Davidson-Celestine highlighted some of the challenges for Tobago tourism at an international press conference at the German tourism convention with major journalist.

“I took the opportunity to highlight the need for more investment in Tobago, especially in the hotel niche. One of the challenges we have had is that we have not been able to attract investment in 5 star hotels.” Tobago currently has 2500 hotel rooms available on the island.

Davidson-Celestine said the THA and DOTT has “taken a very conscious approach to inviting investors, and also to putting out the call, that we need more, and improved room stock on this island.”

She also took the opportunity to remind the German market of the different products that Tobago offers such as romance tourism and sports tourism. The contingency was joined by TT ambassador Dwight Yorke. The football star is well-known to the European market.

Davidson-Celestine said that Tobago’s offerings were well received by the German media and that the Division expected “some positives coming out of this experience.”

The Secretary had discussions with several airlines at tourism sessions at the convention. “We were able to formalize the arrangement with Condor and of course Condor has been flying in Tobago for some time now. From 2010 to 2012, they have been contributing approximately 16.5% to 18.6% to total international arrivals to Tobago. It was important for us to confirm and finalise the arrangements with Condor,” she said.

The contingency also visited different booths and trade shows while at ITB to gain an understanding of new marketing trends in the tourism sector. “We want Tobago’s tourism to be a year-round activity and we want to be able to compete with what is happening both regionally and internationally.”

ITB attracts over 170,000 visitors. Trinidad and Tobago was among the exhibitors representing 180 countries at the convention.

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