Police meet with DPP in Wheeler matter

Investigations into the double murder of Richard and Grace Wheeler have reached an advanced phase, as police were set to meet with the Director of Public Prosecutions today regarding the matter.

Last week, police indicated that the investigation was at a “critical” stage, as they were in the process of analysing evidence. Today, police sources indicated that a meeting has been set with the DPP.

The Wheelers were found dead at their Carnbee, Tobago home last Tuesday (October 20, 2015). Three people were subsequently arrested in connection with the murders a day later.

During last week’s media briefing, Chief Secretary Orville London said he was hopeful the case would soon be solved, and added that he did not believe the matter represents a trend of violence against visitors on the island.

“I am more confident this time that the perpetrator will be brought to justice,” London stated. “When that happens, the motive will be made known, and I think that would dissipate some of the concern with respect to that.

“I think that is one of the challenges we have when perpetrators are not brought to justice. Because it leads to speculation and some of the speculation is justified. But I am not convinced and I am expecting that when the perpetrators are brought to justice, that the particular speculation (of a trend) will not be as strong.”

Richard Wheeler, 73, a British national, lived full time on the island for the past 16 years with his wife, who is originally from Tobago. He was an attorney at Lex Caribbean attorneys-at-law, and a partner in its Tobago Office.

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