Operation Disaster Relief

Tobago House of Assembly.
Please be advised that donations toward the St. Vincent/ St. Lucia Relief have been extended to Wednesday, 8th January, 2014. All donations are to be submitted to TEMA located at the Fairfield Complex, Bacolet Street, Scarborough, Tobago. Persons wishing to donate are asked to ensure that all goods are properly packaged in either shrink- wrap or securely in a box. There must be legible printing of the type of items being donated, the quantity and the approximate cost. NO CLOTHING NOR FOOD ITEMS ITEMS WOULD BE ACCEPTED.

Please send Monetary Donations to: SVG Relief 2014, Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Account No: 137736. Make cheques payable to ‘SVG Relief 2014’. For more information, please contact TEMA at 660-7489.

The cut off time for submission of items for donations is 8 pm on Wednesday, 8th January.

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