New THA budget to be presented October 24th

Tobago House of Assembly.
THA Chief Secretary Orville London says a new budget for the Tobago House of Assembly will be presented at the next sitting of the Assembly on October 24th.

This comes following what Mr. London says was a significant shortfall in the Assembly’s original budget by the central government. Finance Minister Larry Howai presented the national budget on September 9th, allocating $2.477 billion dollars for Tobago’s development needs. The Assembly had requested $4.3 billion dollars.

Speaking during today’s (Thursday September 26th) monthly THA Plenary sitting in the Assembly Legislature, Mr. London said the Finance Minister allocated only 19% of what was requested for development.

However, Mr. London is giving the assurance that Tobagonians will not be left behind. “Despite the shortfall, we will ensure that the vulnerable will be assisted, young people will be educated, projects will be initiated and completed, and the island’s development will be intensified in 2014.”

The Chief Secretary says nothing will prevent the Tobago House of Assembly, and by extension the people of Tobago from moving forward.

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