National Security Minister responds to Chief Secretary

Tobago House of Assembly.
National Security Minister Jack Warner and Chief Secretary Orville London and their teams will meet on a mutually convenient date and time to discuss security issues relating to Tobago.

London had written the National Security Minister on March 18 2013 expressing his “concern over the extended delay in convening the meeting between officials of his Ministry and the THA to discuss security issues in Tobago”.

In his response on Thursday Jack told London that he was in the main unaware of the forum in question and having now contextually examined the issue, he shared his concern for the need to meet to chart the way forward for Tobago in terms of its security concerns.

Warner said on the notes taken at the March 14 2012 meeting he was taking steps to obtain status reports from the respective responsible officials in time for their scheduled meeting. In addition, he said he would wish to have Minister of Tobago Development Dr Delmon Baker attend the meeting since they had discussions on similar issues on March 5 2013.

It was this meeting that caused London to ask about the meeting of heads of units within the National Security Ministry and the Assembly. Meetings were held twice a year up to March 2013.

London said he had absolutely no problem who attended these meetings since in the past both parliamentary representatives were present and participated in the discussions.

Among the issues he wanted discussed at the next meeting were construction of Police Stations at Old Grange and Roxborough; increase in the number of officers in the Tobago Police Division; concerns over communication challenges, transportation needs and the availability of essential equipment in the Tobago Division; plans to manage security in the unique Tobago environment; construction of Fire Services headquarters and Fire Stations in Tobago; security concerns at the Scarborough Port and the ANR Robinson airport; adequate patrols and surveillance of other entry points to Tobago; traffic wardens; the role of the Defence Force in Tobago; and consistent dis-aggregation of the crime statistics for Tobago and Trinidad.

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