Much To Be Grateful For

Yesterday’s 6.9 magnitude earthquake was the strongest experienced in Trinidad and Tobago for some time. And THA Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles said he is thankful that citizens are safe following the seismic event.

“In the aftermath of what could be considered one of our more violent earthquakes for a period of time, many of us may still be shaken and even traumatized from this sudden, unannounced act of nature,” Charles said.

“We do not have any reports of loss of life and we certainly hope this account remains.”

The Chief Secretary added: “The Tobago Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) has reported that barring the loss of electricity in several communities in Tobago last evening, up to this morning (August 22), there have been no reports of major damages to buildings or property in the island.

“As a people and a country we have much to be grateful for, considering that many cities and towns have been devastated by earthquakes of lesser than the 6.9 magnitude we recently experienced or close to it.”

Charles is encouraged that Tobagonians have demonstrated care and concern for others, and called on citizens to strive to maintain an “attitude of care and love”.

Charles is also advising the public to learn more about dealing with natural disasters and to become better equipped to deal with such events.

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