July/August Distribution for Houses at Housing Projects

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Unlike the previous Ministry of Planning, Housing and the Environment, the Tobago House of Assembly will not be in debt after the completion of houses constructed under the THA, said Chief Secretary Orville London. Mr London added that all of the houses constructed through the THA have been paid for and that funds received from recipients will be used to construct further houses for Tobagonians.

Additionally, Secretary of Settlements and Labour, Mr Whitney Alfred was on hand to report that all houses in the Housing Developments which are under construction in Tobago will be ready for distribution by July/August 2010.  The Secretary further gave a summary of works at the various Housing Developments.

Mr Alfred first reported on the Roxborough Housing Complex. “During the last two weeks a cable leading to the lift station at Roxborough was burnt out causing the Lift Station to be non-functional. Action was taken immediately to rectify the problem”, the Secretary said. The engineer attached to the sewer treatment plant at Roxborough continues to monitor the situation. He added that he was advised that the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) would make a direct connection of electricity to the Lift station on 10th June, 2010.  

The Division of Settlements and Labour has again retained the services of a landscaper to clean the Roxborough Housing Development compound, Mr Alfred said. He added that the services of the landscaper were suspended during the 2010 Dry Season, but the Rainy Season has necessitated that his services again be retained.  

According to Secretary Alfred, the process for the distribution of houses at the Blenheim Housing Project has begun.  At present Deeds of Mortgage or Deeds of Sale for successful applicants are being processed by the Home and Mortgage Finance Company of Trinidad and Tobago.  

In terms of the Castara Housing Project, the Sewer Treatment Plant will become operational within the next two weeks and the list of successful applicants for houses at this Housing Project has been sent to the Home and Mortgage Finance Company of Trinidad and Tobago (TTMF) for assessment, the Secretary said. If the applicants have satisfied the requirements of the TTMF they will be invited to the TTMF to finalise their Deeds of Mortgage or Deeds of Sale.  

Mr Alfred added that at present, except for a few houses being built by a contractor at the Adventure Housing Project, all houses in the Adventure Housing Development are 90-95% completed. However, the Lift Station is left to be completed. It is expected that the Lift Station for the Sewer Treatment Plant will be operational in time for the housing distribution in July/August, the Secretary noted.  

Phase Two of the Adventure Housing Development, which will include the construction of 120 apartments and 60 condos, will commence in Fiscal Year 2010-2011, Mr Alfred added. He further noted that the budgetary allocations for the Division of Settlements and Labour will determine the extent and rate at which it can continue to provide houses for low-income families.

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