IDB Blue Economy workshop

The Compete Caribbean Partnership Facility, a multi-donor, private sector development, technical assistance programme is financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office, the Caribbean Development Bank, and the Government of Canada, and executed by the IDB. 


The programme has provided technical assistance to Tobago to mainstream the blue economy in the context of Tobago’s economic recovery efforts.


A key component of this is stimulating private sector economic activity, and on June 1st, the Tobago Blue Economy Ideas Competition Workshop was launched to support Tobago-based entrepreneurs such as start-ups and non-profit organisations, to develop and implement ideas for projects in blue economy sectors.


Fifteen submissions were received, five of which have been selected for further consideration. To prepare the selected participants to optimize resources, a workshop was held on September 19th, which provided participants with an opportunity to showcase their project proposals and receive expert feedback.


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