Golfing Stress Away

Women on the island are being encouraged to find a balance between work and social recreation.

The Tobago arm of the Junior Chamber International (JCI) is introducing women to golf. JCI President Crystal Ottley said the project is providing an opportunity for working class women to balance their work and personal life.

“I have been working with the Tobago House of Assembly since 2007, so I would have observed that Administrators across the various Divisions I would have been employed at would work extremely long hours, sometimes they would miss lunch, which is really unhealthy,” Ottley said.

Ottley said she saw golf as an avenue to help businesswomen unwind and relax outside of work. After trying the sport, she found that the golf training would be effective in relieving stress.

“This is really cool and a really nice way to escape from your everyday things you have to do and you know just take an escape. According to the theme for International Women’s Day, balance for better, everything is balance, time for fun, time to work,” she said.

Ottley hopes the initiative will encourage women to get outdoors more and participate in sport.

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