Farewell ceremony for Bishop Calvin Bess

Church leaders can do things that politicians can’t.

THA Chief Secretary Orville London was speaking at the farewell ceremony of Anglican Bishop Calvin Bess.

London said: “It therefore places a significant responsibility on the church and the church leaders that they send the right messages to ensure that Tobagonians are prepared to face the challenges they have to surmount and the opportunities they have to embrace”.

Addressing a packed audience, Bess praised London and the Assembly for its support of the church’s education thrust in Tobago. Soon to enter retirement, he described the Church’s relationship with the THA as flowing smoothly and wonderful.

London said that all churches including the Anglican Church had a critical role to play in the development of Tobago and Tobagonians. He said there were things that the Church and its leaders could do that politicians could not do.

London felt that the Bishop could still play an important part in the future of the Church. “You have too much to offer, too much experience, too much love for Tobago, too much love for the country to allow yourself to withdraw from the struggle.”

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