Empowering Women through Awareness

This month, Korice Quashie-Nancis won the Chief Secretary’s Award at the Tobago Day Awards for her advocacy work through Fibroid Awareness Trinidad and Tobago.

The organisation recently exemplified the Christmas spirit with its fundraising venture to support advocacy for women’s health at its inaugural Christmas charity closet sale, where new and gently used clothing items and accessories were available.

The fundraiser was held at Pennysavers Canaan to help raise funds for the organisation’s upcoming awareness and outreach programmes.

“Funds that are raised will be used to continue the outreach work and specifically to help women who can’t afford ultrasounds. We raise funds, we assess cases and we help to pay for ultrasounds as well,” Quashie-Nancis said.

The awardee said advocacy was critical for women in this country. “This kind of education is important. We take it for granted that people know, but there is a lot of misinformation in the space about issues of the uterus, reproductive health issues.”

She indicated that there was a need to empower women to take care of themselves and live healthier lives.

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