12 Joys of Christmas

Children of St. Michael’s Anglican School in Whim participated in C.E.P.E.P.’s ‘Eat What You Grow’ Social on Tuesday (December 11) in the district of Black Rock/Whim/Spring Garden.

CEPEP Programme Coordinator Janelle Berkley hosted an interactive session with the children on various produce grown in Tobago. Area representative and Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles also attended the event, where children received plants and small treats.

Principal Christine Benoit received a hamper on behalf of the school.

On Wednesday (December 12) CEPEP moved to the Bacolet/Mt. St. George communities to clean the yards of three senior citizens, distribute hampers and bring Christmas cheer through the singing of Christmas Carols.

And earlier today (December 13), the 12 Joys of Christmas continued with a Christmas Caravan Hamper Distribution in the district of Belle Garden/Goodwood.

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