DIPU Secretary Hilton Sandy discharged from hospital

Secretary of the Division of Infrastructure and Public Utilities, Hilton Sandy.
The Secretary of the Division of Infrastructure and Public Utilities, Hilton Sandy has been discharged from the Scarborough General Hospital and is resting comfortably at his Bacolet home.

Mr. Sandy was discharged on the afternoon of Saturday 5th October. He was admitted on Saturday 21st September after he suffered a stroke which left him unable to speak or move his right side and remained in the intensive care unit for twenty four hours before being transferred to a private room on the medical ward. Mr. Sandy is now making slight movements on his right side. He has begun to speak just a few words and he is expected to undergo speech therapy.

While Mr. Sandy is recuperating, THA Chief Secretary Orville London has taken oversight of the Division of Infrastructure & Public Utilities. Mr. London has been meeting with senior staff members and plans to have weekly meetings to keep abreast of developments taking place in the various units of the Division, as well as to give general direction. The day to day running of the Division will remain under the purview of Assistant Secretary Handel Beckles and Administrator Agnes Winchester.

The Chief Secretary says Mr. Sandy will be unable to function as Secretary of the DIPU and as Representative for Roxborough/Delaford for an indefinite period, therefore the following interim measures have been put in place:

Mr. London, Deputy Chief Secretary Tracy Davidson-Celestine and Secretary for Education, Youth Affairs and Sport Gary Melville will alternate liaising with the constituents of Roxborough/Delaford at the constituency office every Friday from 8:30 a.m. to ensure continuity.

Hilton Sandy was reappointed Secretary of the Division of Infrastructure and Public Utilities in January 2013.

Mr. Sandy’s family is appreciative of the public outpouring of support and concern.

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