DEIE Addresses E-Learning Challenges

The Division of Education, Innovation and Energy strongly condemns the behaviour of students who disrupt online classrooms. Based on reports received and information posted on social media, students have been interrupting e-learning sessions by posting pornographic pictures and playing offensive music, thereby distracting teachers and other students.

The commendable and tireless efforts of our teachers, who ensure that our students continue to be taught during this unprecedented period of the COVID-19 pandemic, must be supported with strong parental supervision and guidance. Parents and guardians must exercise their responsibility and do all in their power to minimise opportunities for students to access undesirable websites.

Through our School Supervision Unit, the Division is actively investigating these matters.  Additionally, through the Student Support Services Unit, we will provide the appropriate guidance and counselling to students who share inappropriate content, as well as to students who were exposed.

The Division congratulates and supports the innovative efforts of our hardworking, dedicated teachers and other members of staff who utilise multiple platforms to ensure that our students continue to receive quality education. In addition, we have commissioned our own secured platform and teachers will be trained in its use.  This platform will cater, in the first instance, to SEA, CSEC and CAPE students. In the meantime, principals and teachers are encouraged to utilise the Learning Management System (LMS) of the Ministry of Education.