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Chief Secretary Announces New Secretary of Finance

Chief Secretary, Hon. Farley Augustine, has announced the appointment of Mrs. Petal-Ann Roberts as a Councillor in the Tobago House of Assembly (THA). The Chief Secretary made the announcement in the Assembly Chamber during today’s (June 27) Draft Budget Debate.

Mrs. Petal-Ann Roberts

Councillor Roberts is expected to be sworn in as Secretary of Finance, Trade and the Economy on Friday, June 28, 2024. This will make Mrs. Roberts the first-ever female Secretary of Finance.

Roberts replaces Certica Williams-Orr in the Assembly. The Chief Secretary heaped praises on the role that former Councillor Certica Williams-Orr played in the administration until this juncture.

Petal-Ann Roberts is a Chartered Certified Professional Accountant with fifteen years of dedicated experience in the THA’s Public Service. She previously served in the capacity of Senior Financial Analyst and Chief Management Accountant under the Division of Finance (8 years) and Office of the Chief Secretary (7 years) respectively. She also served as a Director under several State owned companies both nationally and under the Tobago House of Assembly.

With a comprehensive background in financial management and strategic planning, Mrs. Roberts has consistently demonstrated her expertise and leadership in various high-level roles. She brings a proven track record in financial reporting, budgeting, and public sector accounting, reinforced by international certifications in public financial management and international public sector accounting standards.