Chief Secretary on E-Mails

Chief Secretary, Orville London.
Chief Secretary Orville London has described the expose of e-mails by Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley in the House of Representatives on Monday as “the big one” and it would not end in a draw.

He said an independent inquiry into the matter which alleges wrong doing by senior government official was necessary.

“There are game changers and there are game deciders, and personally I think this is a game decider and at the end of the exercise there is going to be one man or one woman left standing,” he told Wednesday’s weekly post Executive Council media briefing.

London added: “This is a very serious situation. I take no sides because I do not know all the facts. What I can say is if in one case it is 100 per cent wrong then that is going to present problems for one party. On the other hand if it is ten or 25 per cent right it would present problems for the other party and therefore it is an issue in which we the people of Tobago must take an interest.”

He said too many times Tobagonians look on at goings on at the national level and tell themselves that was dem people business. “This is our business and therefore we have got to look on with more than interest and concern and draw the relevant conclusions and to make appropriate decisions,” he said

London said an independent inquiry should definitely be done because there was a situation where there were two vastly diverse stories, commentaries and all of that and therefore this was so earth shattering that it has to be resolved. He added that somewhere in the future the public of Trinidad and Tobago must have the comfort that they knew exactly what has happened and then they can draw their conclusions.

“This is not some of those issues that have come to the fore over the past few years and even before that where you are not sure but it doesn’t make too much of a difference. This is the big one. This one is not going to be a draw.”

London said as Deputy Political Leader of the PNM he really didn’t have a problem in not being consulted on the e-mail issue.

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