Chief Secretary to meet with TTPS on crime

Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles will meet with the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS), Tobago executive on Monday morning to discuss the way forward with the security of the island.

The Tobago House of Assembly is committed to working with the TTPS and relevant civil society agencies to find solutions to the challenges of crime on the island.

The Chief Secretary assures the public that security of citizens is a top priority and that the THA is prepared to do what it has to, in order to protect Tobagonians. With this in mind, the THA has been strategising and developing initiatives to deal with the challenges, and the public will be informed.

Charles said that the recent murders on the island, as well as crime in general, demand the attention and cooperation of all members of the public, leaders and protectors.

He expressed condolences to loved ones of those who have lost someone to violence, including most recently, 15-year-old, Abiela Adams.

“All loss of any life is painful to society and loved ones. We all have a role to play in resolving this growing problem,” he said.

The public is being urged to come forward and report to the police any information related to crime. There are also anonymous ways to report a crime, and the THA urges the public to use all avenues to relate any such information.

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