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Chief Secretary Expresses Condolences on the Passing of Raymond Choo Kong

Chief Secretary Hon. Kelvin Charles expresses condolences on behalf of the Tobago House of Assembly and Tobago, to the family and theatre arts fraternity, on the untimely passing of theatre arts pioneer and icon Raymond Choo Kong.

Mr. Charles said this particular death has taken the entire country by surprise.  He added, “This is indeed a grave loss for the arts and culture fraternity and all of Trinidad and Tobago, as well as those who experienced and were impacted by Mr. Choo Kong’s works of art in other parts of the world.  He was very passionate about his craft and he ensured that theatre arts found a recognisable spot on the cultural landscape of this country. His legacy shall certainly live on”.

Tobago is no stranger to plays written and directed by the legendary Raymond Choo Kong (deceased), as he ensured that we (in Tobago) also had the opportunity to partake in his creative works on stage.  “I encourage us all to keep the family and loved ones of Mr. Raymond Choo Kong in our prayers. They will need as much support as possible, as they come to terms with this sudden loss. I sincerely empathise with all affected at this time”.

In the wake of recent criminal activities that have happened across the country, Mr. Charles says that he and the Tobago House of Assembly continue to monitor and assess occurrences in Tobago very carefully and will continue to make every effort to keep such incidences in Tobago at a minimum.