Chief Secretary Denounces Incidents at Two Secondary Schools

Once again Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles publicly denounces what can be classified as criminal behavior displayed by some of our young people in the secondary school system.

On Wednesday 27th March, a group of students dressed in the uniform of the Signal Hill Secondary School was observed dispersing themselves to various points of the Bishop’s High School, Mt. Marie.  In a separate incident, a video is currently being circulated on social media with young persons dressed in the Signal Hill Secondary School uniform involved in a fracas outside the school.

In the first incident, as a result of the keen observation and the swift action of the MTS security officers on duty at Bishop’s High School, the situation was contained before it escalated and the TTPS, Tobago Division was called.

Chief Secretary Charles says, “It is quite disturbing and uncomfortable to learn of these incidents, especially less than 24 hours after the burial of a Tobago stalwart, Mr. Donald ‘Sonny’ Parks.  Only mere hours after the burial I received the news of the first incident at Bishop’s High School. There seems to be considerable erosion of discipline in some of our homes and communities.” He further adds, “Some parents are trying very hard to teach their charges the right way but there are a few who have neglected their responsibility and the time has come for you to take back the reins of your households.  We do not want the few deviant ones to spoil our piece of paradise.”

The Chief Secretary and Secretary for Education, Innovation and Energy confirms that the Division of Education is currently investigating both incidents that occurred and gave the assurance that the perpetrators will be dealt with accordingly.

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