Archers Honoured

Women’s health advocate Korice Archer Quashie-Nancis earned recognition for her sterling social work with the Chief Secretary’s Award at last night’s (December 4) Tobago Day Awards.

The award was presented for outstanding contribution and significant achievement in 2018 in the sphere of women’s health awareness and advocacy at the gala ceremony at Shaw Park Complex.

Quashie-Nancis founded Fibroid Awareness Trinidad and Tobago, and through the organisation she has been championing a cause that’s very personal to her. She previously had life-changing surgery to remove dozens of fibroids.

Quashie-Nancis represented three generations of awardees on the night. Her mother, longstanding netball administrator Martha Archer, collected the Tobago Medal of Honour silver for long and meritorious service to Tobago. And her grandmother, Anetta Archer, was posthumously awarded for her contributions to education and community service.

Other notable awardees on the night were Gwyneth Armstrong, and Robert T. Yorke (posthumously), who picked up the Tobago Medal of Honour (gold) for distinguished and outstanding service to Tobago in the areas of music and tourism respectively.

During his feature address at the awards ceremony, Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles delivered a passionate plea for Tobagonians to rise to the task of supporting development on the island. He issued a clarion call for residents to “go beyond the ordinary”, and said he was proud of all the nominees at this year’s awards.

“More than ever,” Charles stated, “we want to demonstrate that there are persons in our society and community who would have contributed immensely to where we are today. And therefore the awards represent an occasion when we honour them for their contribution.”



Tobago Medal of Honour, Gold (Music) – Mrs. Gwyneth Armstrong

Tobago Medal of Honour, Gold (Tourism/Posthumously) – Dr. Robert T. Yorke

Tobago Medal of Honour, Silver (Education and Community Service/Posthumously) – Mrs. Anetta Archer

Tobago Medal of Honour, Silver (Sport) – Mrs. Martha Archer

Tobago Medal of Honour, Bronze (Community Service) – Mr. Kenneth Washington

Tobago Medal of Honour, Bronze (Culture) – Royal Sweet Fingers Tambrin Band

Chief Secretary’s Award (Women’s Health Awareness and Advocacy) – Mrs. Korice Archer-Quashie-Nancis

Calypso Rose Award (Performing Arts) Ms. Karen Berkley Charles

Shadow Award (Oral Tradition) – Dominic Williams

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