A Chance to Learn

Sharing knowledge about Tobago’s wildlife to the next generation is important. It’s also the inspiration behind Je’Nature Farm and Nature Park in Calder Hall.

The park was created to allow guests to learn about Tobago’s wildlife. It’s a concept that Je’vaughn Arnold, a recent National Youth Award winner for agriculture, and co-owner Khudine Wiltshire worked to make a reality.

“Here is a place where children, parents can come and pet, play, learn about the animals and feel free to have a good time,” Wiltshire said.

He said the animals require a lot of care and attention to ensure they are well fed, clean and healthy.

Arnold said the park provided an educational opportunity for visitors.

“…The youths are more on technology, computer and these things. Having conversations with my sister got me to realise that she don’t even know what is an avocado properly, what is zabouca, paw paw, sapodilla, [a]gouti, things that are of the environment and things around us.”

Arnold hopes the park will be a catalyst for the development of recreational activities for young Tobagonians.

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