Shaw Park Complex’s Multi-Use

The Shaw Park Complex is more than a facility to attend cultural events. It’s become a space that helps build a sense of community and has the ability to drive economic growth on the island.

The fan-shaped, multi-purposed facility continues to improve its amenities and offerings to the public, increasing the opportunity for interpersonal interactions that have a positive impact on our society.

We’ve been hosting trainings, meetings, conferences, and different types of events, that have allowed us to provide more opportunities for clients,”  Executive Coordinator at the Shaw Park Complex Kern Cowan said.

Today (January 20th), the unveiling of an indoor sports floor, at the Complex will take place at 3:00p.m.

The sports floor will cater to three specific sports–basketball, netball, and volleyball.

Cowan said the space will be utilized for indoor sporting tournaments, and not necessarily trainings. In addition, it also impacts sports tourism as it encourages greater international interest within the sporting industry.

Spaces like this are important, because they [support] multiple disciplines since our  intent at [Shaw Park] is to be multifunctional. The added feature of this indoor sports floor not only opens the door to sports tourism, but it also gives us a [preliminary] taste of what is to come with the Bacolet Indoor Arena,” Cowan added.

The Commonwealth Games, which runs from August 7-11th, will be held at the Shaw Park Complex.

The unveiling of the sports floor can be viewed live on the Office of the Chief Secretary’s Facebook page.