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The Comprehensive Economic Development Plan (CEDP) 2.0 is the policy document that focuses on sustainable development in Tobago and at the heart of CEDP 2.0 is diversification of the economy, preservation of the environment and a better standard of living for its people.

The Goal of the CEDP 2.0 is to transform and diversify the Tobago economy such that it is better able to adjust to rapid changes in the national and international economies by producing products and services in which it can retain a competitive edge.

There are eight strategic priority areas of the plan and each Division of the Tobago House of Assembly plays a lead role in implementing the plan to achieve the stated outcomes.

The plan spans from 2013 to 2017 and was established in December, 2013 by Executive Council.

The CEDP Secretariat is charged with the mandate of playing the lead role in the coordination and oversight of the implementation of the Comprehensive Economic Development Plan (CEDP) 2.0.

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