altTHA Chief Secretary Orville London has written Attorney General Anand Ramlogan requesting an update on the review of the THA Act and reform of the Trinidad and Tobago Constitution following their meeting in Port of Spain on January 9.

The Chief Secretary said at that meeting the Attorney General committed himself to taking the two Bills approved by the House of Assembly to Cabinet for discussion, promising to inform him of its decision and was prepared to come to Tobago for further discussion on the issue. Present at the meeting were the Chairman of the Law Reform Commission Samraj Harripaul SC, Chief Parliamentary Counsel Ian Mc Intyre and Senior State Counsel Alvin Pascall.

London told the Attorney General that he was concerned that, to date, there has been no further communication from his office on this issue and was therefore requesting an urgent update on the Cabinet review of the Assembly approved Bills and, by extension, the process that would lead to full internal self-government for the island of Tobago.

London said he was hoping that the Cabinet, after considering the two Bills which represented the views and recommendations of the people of Tobago, it would not attempt to foist any other document on the island and the country.

He reiterated that the Bills which were approved at a sitting of the House of Assembly included significant provisions for the enhancement of the autonomy of the Tobago House of Assembly and the preservation of Tobago’s heritage.

In the circumstances, London stressed, he would consider it a betrayal of Tobagonians if Cabinet ignored or disregard this