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Public Assistance Grant

This is a monthly subsistence grant designed to provide financial aid to adults who are unable to work because of illness or health related problems. Public assistance may also be granted on behalf of needy children whose father, mother, or both parents are dead, incarcerated, disabled and unable to work, or has deserted the family and cannot be found.

  • The applicant must be eighteen (18) years of age or older
  • The applicant must be certified by a government medical officer as unable to earn a livelihood due to illness
How to apply?

To access the Public Assistance Grant application form please visit the Social Welfare Department located at Ground Floor, Habib Building, #107 Wilson Road, Scarborough, Tobago. Phone: 639-3395 Exts: 47200-47203.

The documents to be submitted along with the application form are:

  • Identification card
  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate and/or affidavit (if your birth certificate has information that is inconsistent with other forms of ID)
  • Marriage Certificate (for married women)
  • Certified medical report from a Government or RHA Medical Officer
  • Information from past or present employers ( a social welfare officer will give you a form for your employer to fill out, if applicable).
  • National Insurance information
  • Bank Passbook
  • Any other document that may be requested by a social welfare officer
Where can I find more information?

Additional information can be obtained by contacting/or visiting the:

Social Welfare Department

Ground Floor
Habib Building
#107 Wilson Road

(868) 639-3395

Exts: 47200 - 47203