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Emergency Cases Fund

This fund provides access to several grants designed to assist needy persons, as well as persons who have been victims of a natural disaster or who are in dire need of assistance. Available grants include:

  • Education
  • Special child
  • Clothing
  • Housing repair
  • Household Articles
  • Medical equipment
  • Dietary
  • Pharmaceutical
  • School textbooks
  • Uniform
  • A victim of disaster such as hurricane, fire, or flood
  • A client of the Social Services Department, Ministry of the People and Social Development or a person in urgent need of assistance
How to apply?

To access application forms for available grants please visit the Social Welfare Department located at Ground Floor, Habib Building, #107 Wilson Road, Scarborough, Tobago. Phone: 639-3395 Exts: 47200-47203.

Required documents:

  • Estimates from the supplier of the goods or service being sought
  • Fire victims must submit a letter from the Trinidad and Tobago Fire Services
  • Any other relevant documents requested by a social welfare officer such as: ID card/Passport, Marriage Certificate (married women), Birth Certificate and/or Affidavit
Where can I find more information?

Additional information can be obtained by contacting/or visiting the:

Social Welfare Department

Ground Floor
Habib Building
#107 Wilson Road

(868) 639-3395

Exts: 47200 - 47203