URP to Stir Up Cocoa Industry

In 2018, the Unemployment Relief Programme (URP), was reviewed to make the programme more productive.

Since then, one of the major areas where the URP has expanded its operations is agriculture. Now, the programme is set to give the cocoa industry a boost. In fact, 11 URP field workers were among the participants in a workshop on December 12th entitled: “New Fermentation Technology for Improved Quality”.

The workshop provided theory and practical knowledge on genetics and improving harvesting, cocoa fermentation, physical assessment of cocoa beans, and how to construct a fermentation box.

The Division views the training, which was provided by the Cocoa Development Company of Trinidad and Tobago, as timely. The URP, through its Agricultural Unit, is set to improve its cocoa quality, as well as its earning capacity.

One of the major initiatives of the URP is cultivating the cocoa fields in Roxborough.

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