Tobago not under tropical storm watch

Tobago is not under a tropical storm watch.

This has been confirmed by Met Office Acting Supervisor for Tobago Gary Benjamin, during a media conference earlier today to update the public on Tropical Storm Don, which is currently headed towards the Lesser Antilles.

Grenada and its dependencies are under tropical storm warning.

Trinidad and Tobago is not expected to be heavily impacted by the storm, which is being monitored by the Tobago Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) after it formed in the Atlantic Basin on Sunday (July 16, 2017).

Still, TEMA Director Allan Stewart is asking Tobagonians to be cautious due to the proximity of the storm.

“We have decided to take the necessary steps to ensure standard operation procedure,” Stewart said at the media conference, which followed a meeting of the Tobago Disaster Emergency Committee earlier today (July 18) to discuss emergency plans for the island.

“No more than ten shelters will be opened based on the information that we have,” Stewart added. This includes shelters at Roxborough, Delaford, Speyside, Charlotteville, L’anse Fourmi and Golden Lane.

Benjamin, meanwhile, said heavy rainfall is expected, especially in northern Tobago.

“We are in range where we can get gusts with winds,” Benjamin said, adding that from 10 p.m. tonight, Tobago could feel the stronger effects of “convective activity”.

The Port Authority has indicated that its inter-island sailings at 4 p.m. today (July 18) and 6:30 a.m. tomorrow (July 19) have been cancelled.

TEMA is awaiting information from the Met Office’s forecast, and will further update the public once new information is received.

“We advise the general public to download our [TEMA 365 Virtual Vision App] to stay informed,” Stewart said. The App is available for Android on Google Play. Tobagonians are also asked to in contact the 211 Hotline in case of emergency.

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