THA Contributes $10,000.00 USD for 22 Month Old Baby’s Heart Procedure

Gray Family
Mother – Carvel Gray; Father – Charles Gray holding 22 month old Chavlon Gray
Today, Chief Secretary Orville London presented a cheque valued at US seven thousand dollars ($7,000.00 USD) to parents of 22 month old Chavlon Gray, to help cover cost of the first leg of required medical procedure, at the Miami Children’s Hospital in the United States of America. This brings the THA financial contribution to $10,000 USD, as the Division of Health and Social Services also provided the couple with a three thousand US dollar cheque ($3,000.00 USD).

Baby Chavlon is scheduled to undergo a special medical procedure – the first leg of his treatment for a congenital heart disease called Pink Tetralogy of Fallot, at the Miami Hospital on Friday, 1st October 2010.  He was diagnosed as having the defect at the Mt Hope Medical Complex; however, treatment for this illness is not available in Trinidad and Tobago.

The Chief Secretary said to the couple: “As a father and grandfather, I understand the trauma that you have been experiencing over the past couple months. I hope that at the end of the day you will be rewarded with a healthy son. Stay strong…keep the faith and we’ll be there to support you”.

Father – Charles Gray said that he and his wife are grateful for the assistance provided by the Office of the Chief Secretary, as well as the Division of Health and Social Services.

He said of his son’s illness: “It has been challenging so far and we’ve tried to remain strong in the process.”

According to Mr Gray, while cost for the initial procedure is just above $27,000.00 USD, Baby Chavlon’s treatment is expected to be in the vicinity of US $150,000.00.

Members of the public are asked to support the ‘Cook-Out’ to be held at the Scarborough Esplanade, on Friday, 1st October 2010 and other fundraising activities held for Baby Chavlon’s benefit.  Persons can also make monetary contributions at the First Citizen’s Bank Canaan Branch (Ac# 1862211), or through donation sheets being circulated. Mr and Mrs Gray can be contacted via telephone numbers 290- 6516, 290-6517 or 290-6513.

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