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TechVoc Students Showcase Their Skills At Open Day

“Anything you can do, we can do … and better!”

This was one of the many chants by students of the Technical Vocational Centre (TechVoc) who participated in a ‘Speech Band’ during the Centre’s Open Day held yesterday (March 28th) at the Head Office of the Division of Health, Wellness and Social Protection (DHWSP).

The Open Day was held to celebrate the students, showcase their skills and talents, which they honed at the Centre and sell produce from the Centre’s garden, along with some of their expertly handcrafted items.

DHWSP Secretary, Dr. Faith B.Yisrael, brought greetings at the event and proudly stated that she was in awe of the students’ accomplishments. “Today is a celebration not for people or children with disabilities, but for those who are differently-abled…and we will continue to do all that we need to do, so that you can continue doing all this amazing work,” she said.

Dr. Mona Dillon, Interim Manager of the TechVoc Centre stated that the students and staff were extremely pleased with the day’s outcome. “The event seemed to have met its objectives of highlighting the skills and talents of the students and increasing the visibility of persons with special needs,” said Dillon.

Other staff members of the Division, parents of students and TechVoc supporters were present as the students provided entertainment in the form of drumming, dancing, and song.

By the close of the event, produce and most items were sold, making the overall day a successful one for the students, staff and the DHWSP.

The TechVoc Centre is a Unit of the Division of Health, Wellness and Social Protection.  For more information on the services offered, call 639-2519.