Smithfield Connected

“We’ve been really able to push our workers to get the job done.”

That’s the revelation of Secretary of Infrastructure, Quarries and the Environment Kwesi Des Vignes. He was referring to the Smithfield Connector Road, which will be used by students in the upcoming school term.

The road was commissioned earlier this afternoon (August 29) along with the newly-built Scarborough R.C. School, also at Smithfield.

“This is a critical piece of infrastructure that we have completed in record time,” the Infrastructure Secretary said during yesterday’s (August 28) post Executive Council media briefing at the Division of Tourism, Transportation and Culture at Sangster’s Hill, Scarborough.

Concrete was first poured on the site in mid-June, and the paving was completed this week.

Des Vignes said the Division has worked hard to ensure the necessary survey and groundwork was done as soon as possible.

“Of course, this is Phase One of a series of connector roads that we are building…to improve traffic flow in Scarborough.”

The Secretary said neighbouring Bishop’s High School will also implement a new access plan.

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