Security to be beefed up at Scarborough Port

The Ministry of National Security is looking at holistic security measures for the Scarborough Port, as well as those in Trinidad.

National Security Minister Retired Major General Edmund Dillon said the Ministry is looking at a joint border security effort, including cooperation between the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service and the Port Authority. He also wants to beef up port security.

The Minister made the disclosure after meeting with Chief Secretary Orville London on Monday at the Office of the Chief Secretary, Administrative Complex, Calder Hall.

“Security at the port is a priority. Nobody at the port is comfortable with [the current arrangements],” Dillon said.

“We’re looking at bringing together issues of port security, air security, customs, immigration, police and so on,” he added. “The whole national security environment, including the scanners at the Tobago port and of course the sea port in Port of Spain and Pt Lisas.”

The Minister said he will be looking at the movement of goods and people on the sea bridge, and enhancing security by bringing in the canine unit, as well as having more regular police checks at the ports.

“We’re also looking at strengthening the Port authority because right now they’re understrength,” he said, “so we’re looking at strengthening the capacity of the port security, to bring more relief in terms of treating with security across our sea bridge.”

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