Secretary Melville calls on Duke to obey the law

Just like every other citizen in this country, Watson Duke must obey the laws of Trinidad and Tobago.

So said THA Secretary of Infrastructure and Public Utilities Councillor Gary Melville in commenting on Duke’s detention by police after he participated in an alleged illegal march in Roxborough, east Tobago on October 12 2015.

The PSA president—who unsuccessfully contested the Tobago East seat in the September 7 General Election—called for the Roxborough/Delaford Electoral District, currently held by Assemblyman Hilton Sandy—who suffered a stroke two years ago—to be declared vacant.

Melville, the caretaker of the District, told reporters at Wednesday’s post Executive Council media briefing that he has invested considerable time, effort and energy to ensure he is available to the people of Roxborough. He said he sees an average of 30 persons weekly on office days.

“It is therefore unfortunate Mr. Duke is trying to con the people of Tobago by saying that the people of Roxborough are neglected,” Melville stated. “I would have provided assistance to persons in search of employment, land tenure issues, medical assistance, needy persons, supported community organisations, home repairs, planning and implementing a number of infrastructure projects.

“In a few months, Roxborough would be like a blooming flower and Mr. Duke like everyone else has to learn to obey the law,” he added.

Melville said the law dictates the procedure through which a seat can be declared vacant and a bye election called.

He said: “No amount of hooliganism, bullying and bad behaviour is going to change that. I think that we should demand from Mr. Duke as a national figure who leads the largest public service union in Trinidad and Tobago, we must hold him accountable and insist that he has to behave responsibly.”

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