Scarborough/Calder Hall residents to have their say

Communities across Tobago have used the Face to Face meeting series to have their say on issues ranging from agriculture to infrastructure and road safety.

Next week, residents of the Scarborough/Calder Hall electoral district, represented by Chief Secretary Orville London, will have the opportunity to voice their concerns and recommendations. The meeting, scheduled for Tuesday (August 16) at 7 p.m. at the Mason Hall Community Centre, is the tenth installment of the series.

It will also be the last such community meeting for Chief Secretary Orville London in his electoral district. He recently announced his retirement from active politics.

The series features a total of 13 meetings in Tobago’s 12 electoral districts, including two in the L’Anse Fourmi/Speyside/Charlotteville district.

The final three meetings will be held in the Black/Whim/Spring Garden electoral district on August 18 at the Whim Community Centre; at L’Anse Fourmi/Speyside/Charlotteville on August 23 (L’Anse Community Centre); and at Canaan/Bon Accord on August 25 (Bon Accord Community Centre).

Assemblymen representing each electoral district will give an account of their stewardship since being elected. They will also unveil their plans for the rest of 2016, and field questions from constituents.

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