Scarborough Library

Secretary of Infrastructure and Public Utilities Councillor Gary Melville has promised the island’s school children the use of a modern Scarborough Library when their new term starts in September.

He also told the weekly post Executive Council media briefing on Wednesday that the National Maintenance and Security Company Limited (MTS) which is project managing the construction of the new library in Lower Scarborough has been mandated to deliver it by the end of August.

Melville said the multi million building will be completed by the end of this week while the external works should be completed by the end of this month. He said sprinkling and fire suppression systems still had to be installed.

In addition, he said, tenders are being processed for the information and communication technology aspect of the project that is required in a modern day library. He said the shelving, furniture and books are already in the building.

Melville said his division in conjunction with the Scarborough Beautification Committee will beautify the surroundings of the building and construct public wash-rooms.

As for the Shaw Park Cultural Complex, Melville said the Assembly has targeted the end of December for its official commissioning, adding that the building is being outfitted and interior designers are to start work shortly.

He said the mini mall at Argyle is 50 per cent complete and should be ready for occupation by the end of this month.

Meanwhile, Melville said at the end of May his division had completed the repaving of 36 major roads on the island and will soon launch phase two of the programme that would include the Claude Noel Highway from Rockley Vale to Orange Hill Road and the Roxborough/Bloody Bay Road.

He said in an effort to establish a second major road into Scarborough from the west development works are being undertaken on the Old Milford Road with the completion of two widened culverts and the construction of three new bridges.

Melville admitted that the ruling by a High Court Judge in Port of Spain last week on the Charlotteville Mall will delay its construction but work will resume when the project managers MTS obtains a full certificate of environment clearance for the project and not just the drainage works for which it had obtained before construction started last year.

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