Public Service Commission Not A Political Entity

The Tobago House of Assembly (THA) strongly condemns statements made by Minority Councillor Dr. Faith B Yisrael, with regard to the suspension of Administrator Karen Ottley.

According to Newsday Tobago (Thursday February 8, 2018), the Minority Councillor has referred to Ms. Ottley’s suspension as, “an attack on public servants”.

However, Chief Administrator of the THA Raye Sandy says that, “the Public Service Commission (PSC) is an independent state body that guards its independence jealously”. Mr. Sandy also added, “Allegations made against the officer were considered serious enough by the Public Service Commission to warrant a suspension”.

It must be noted that the PSC has the power to remove and exercise disciplinary control over persons holding or acting in Civil Service, Prison Service and Fire Service.

Additionally, the Public Service Commission’s responsibilities include:

i. To assure the public of public service neutrality by exercising their constitutional authority in respect of the control of careers in the service.

ii. To protect public officers against acts of discrimination by politicians.

The THA confirms its strict adherence to Public Service Commission’s regulations and processes.

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