Police: Wheeler investigation at ‘critical stage’

Tobago police are seeking to wrap up their investigation on the double murder of Richard and Grace Wheeler soon and present the case file to the Director of Public Prosecution.

Senior Superintendent Joanne Archie said yesterday that police are still collecting evidence in the matter. She said she could not give a time frame as to when the investigation will be completed, but said it is still ongoing.

“So far, the officers are still out in the field and the investigation is still continuing apace,” Archie said. “It has reached a critical stage and any information that we release at this time could have an impact on that. We will make a statement once we have cleared up all avenues as it relates to putting together evidence.”

Police so far have three suspects in custody in connection with the murders. The investigating team is also being assisted by ACP Vincel Edwards, head of the homicide division, who travelled to Tobago to lend support in the matter.

Earlier this week, Chief Secretary Orville London said he was confident the culprits in the killings would soon be brought to justice. He also called on the public to provide any information they may have on the murders to help police solve the case quickly.

“Individuals (who commit acts) like this don’t deserve our sympathy, don’t deserve our empathy, don’t deserve our cooperation,” London said, “and we have a responsibility to ourselves and our own protection to make sure that we give the police any information which we consider relevant.

“I prefer that they’re getting too much information rather than somebody is out there with information that is relevant and is either too scared or too indifferent to make that information available to the police.”

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