National Security Minister replies to Chief Secretary

National Security Minister Jack Warner has given the commitment that construction of the Roxborough and Old Grange Police Stations in Tobago will commence in the first quarter of calendar year 2013.

In a letter dated Tuesday Warner assured THA Chief Secretary Orville London that UDeCOTT will undertake to commence the procurement of design-build services next month, followed by a tender period of approximately six weeks, the evaluation of proposals in approximately four weeks and the award of contract for the end of November 2012.

London had written the Minister on August 14 questioning the delay in construction of the two stations in the light of construction of eight police stations in Trinidad. He also expressed his concern over the omission of the stations from the recent list of stations to be constructed by the Central Government.

Jack said records at the National Security Ministry have indicated that the letters of award previously issued for the design and preconstruction of these police stations were terminated by UDeCOTT pursuant to a directive by the Ministry of Planning and the Economy.

“Over a period of time the mechanism for funding of the Ministry’s construction programme was being reviewed by the Ministry of Finance and in 2012, a decision was taken to use the consolidated fund as a source rather than continue with loan financing,” Jack added.

The Tobago Chief Secretary on Wednesday (22nd August 2012) said he hoped Warner stuck to his word and looked forward to the commencement of construction of the stations as promised by the Minister.

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