London wants ‘consistent solution’ to illegal vending problem

Illegal vendors clutter Scarborough’s streets. They also present a challenge to legal vendors and impact legitimate businesses.

THA Chief Secretary Orville London wants to stop the expected influx of illegal vendors in Scarborough expected to roll in with the holiday season.

“I spoke to the Assistant Commissioner [of Police Garfield Moore] with responsibility for the Tobago Division with respect to the whole issue of illegal vending,” London said during Thursday’s (September 8) post Executive Council media briefing at the Administrative Complex, Calder Hall. “I don’t want a situation where it becomes totally untenable. If we have the Christmas season coming on, more and more vendors come onto the streets.”

He said the problem has escalated again as it “goes in waves.” The Chief Secretary stated that Moore also agrees that “swift and urgent action” is needed.

“I think we also need consistent action,” London said.

“The ACP has given his commitment that he’ll take appropriate action and continue to take appropriate action so as to ensure that our streets [are] kept free of illegal vendors.”

London added: “Illegal vending makes life difficult for those persons who have to pay significantly high rates or high rentals in order to conduct their business. The fact that they didn’t have to pay any overheads [creates] significant advantages [for illegal vendors].”

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