Local Content Chamber meets with Chief Secretary

Chief Secretary Orville London meets with the Trinidad and Tobago Local Content Chamber at the Office of The Chief Secretary Conference Room Calder Hall Administrative Complex. (L-R) Neil Dookie, VP of the Chamber; Douglas Boyce ,Treasurer; Lennox Sirjuesingh, President of Chamber; Chief Secretary, Orville London ; Assemblyman & Secretary of DIPU, Hilton Sandy; Assemblyman & Secretary of Finance, Joel Jack. Photo THA Information Dept.
The Trinidad and Tobago Local Content Chamber wants full legislation to make it compulsory for local professionals to be included in projects in the country.

President of the Chamber Lennox Sirjuesingh said the Chamber had tried moral persuasion but it did not work and was working through the Ministry of Energy to achieve its goal. He said all construction contracts should have a clause for the local content of professionals.

Sirjuesingh and two other members of the 47-member Chamber held a meeting with THA Chief Secretary Orville London on Thursday to discuss the establishment of a Tobago Chapter of the organisation.

He said the time had come for proper building codes to be established in Tobago and also in Trinidad.

London said the concept of establishing a Tobago Chapter of the Chamber was one that the Assembly was not averse to. He said Tobago contractors have found it challenging to have to deal with mega contractors coming from Trinidad and there were some practices which have to be agreed upon.

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