Jamaica visit brings investment prospects

A “highly productive” diplomatic trip to Jamaica could offer benefits to Tobago, in terms of foreign investment.

This according to Chief Secretary Orville London, who said during the trip, he was able to “make some overtures to members of the business community.”

“Coming out of that, I think that we are going to have at least one, possible two visits from possibly financiers, business partners, who would be coming to Tobago to see what opportunities are available here for partnering with the THA,” London told the post Executive Council media briefing yesterday (July 27) at the Administrative Complex, Calder Hall.

The Chief Secretary also gave some insight into the recent diplomatic talks between Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica, saying it was an exercise that created greater understanding between the two countries.

The T&T delegation, led by Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley, paid an official visit to Jamaica for four days, on the invitation of Andrew Holness, Prime Minister of Jamaica, to discuss a number of issues, including the recent matter of Jamaican travelers being denied entry into this country.

London said the meetings enabled a better environment for solving issues.

The Chief Secretary said he was impressed by the level of diplomacy both Prime Ministers showed.

“We cannot underrate the challenges and the repercussions if this were not handled properly,” London stated. “At the end of the exercise, there was greater understanding and I’m pragmatic enough to recognise that not all the issues could be resolved immediately, but I think the environment is much more favourable to a solution than it was before.”

The T&T team also met with the business community and other interests to assure them that any actions taken in T&T were “not meant to undermine their rights” to operate throughout the region.

“I think the Prime Minister and members of the Trinidad and Tobago team were able to give the assurance that we are going to do everything from our side to ensure that persons coming from other countries are treated with appropriate dignity and decorum at the point of entry,” London said.

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