Good Progress on Roxborough Facility

Repairs on the Roxborough Recreational Facility could be completed in the next two months.

During Friday’s (Jan 4) weekly post Executive Council media briefing, Secretary of Sport and Youth Affairs Jomo Pitt said the Roxborough venue is having its roof and pavilion repaired.

“Currently, the roof repair is ongoing; it should be finished by the end of this month. Once that repair is done we’ll have the sheeting, the re-sheeting of the facility, and as I mentioned that should be completed by the end of February,” Pitt said.

He also gave an update on the Goodwood Pavilion, which had to be redesigned in order to relocate the original facility away from the roadside.

Pitt stated: “We anticipate that it should be completed within the middle of next month, February, after which we anticipate construction to start by the middle of March and [be] completed by the end of September.”

In 2019, work should also be completed on the Goodwood Recreation Ground pavilion, and that facility is also scheduled for lighting upgrades.

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