Fused Response 2018 to be held in Tobago

The Governments of Trinidad and Tobago and the United States have embarked on a joint crisis response training exercise entitled Fused Response 2018.

The simulation exercise is scheduled to take place in the country from April 16-27, 2018. Troops are carded to arrive in Tobago on Friday 06 April, 2018 at the ANR Robinson International Airport. Fused Response 2018 is primarily geared towards security enhancement and capacity building, using a Whole of Government approach to crisis management.

Fused Response is an annual exercise executed by the US Government since 2012 and has been hosted in neighbouring Caribbean and Central American countries such as Guyana and Belize. However, this is the first time Fused Response is being executed in Trinidad and Tobago after Central Government’s acceptance to host the exercise in early 2017.

The Fused Response exercise is being funded by the US Government and is expected to enable our national security agencies to be better prepared and capable of protecting citizens, residents and visitors on the soil of Trinidad and Tobago.

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