Expanded Schools ‘98%’ Ready

Four primary schools in Tobago are being expanded. And Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles announced that they will be ready for the new school term.

Charles, who is the Secretary of Education, Innovation, and Energy, said each school is at least “98 per cent” ready, according to an update from the Urban Development Company of Trinidad and Tobago (UDeCOTT).

“…Most of them, in fact all of them are close to completion,” Charles revealed.

“In the meantime we are awaiting the supply of electricity. I have been assured, because I had a conversation with the chairman of UDeCOTT only yesterday afternoon, and that by next week those matters should be finalised.”

According to the Chief Secretary, this means the new additional spaces will be available for the upcoming school term.

In addition, the Smithfield Connector Road in Scarborough, which runs from Smithfield Trace to Mt. Marie Road, is set to be re-opened in time for the new school term.

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