Errant drivers breaching No Entry sign at Shaw Park roundabout construction site

Tobago House of Assembly.
The Division of Infrastructure and Public Utilities is appealing to drivers to obey the one-way traffic route from west to east at the construction site of the Shaw Park roundabout.

Errant drivers have been entering the site close to the Yats building, when No Entry signs are clearly posted along Milford Road. The one-way route was recently shifted to the south side of the construction zone to allow for completion of the sidewalk on the northern side and underground ducting work.

Drivers who enter on the No Entry sign pose a hazard to other drivers who have the right of way heading east, and also to workers of the Division of Infrastructure and Public Utilities who are made to scamper to safety out of the way of drivers who speed through the construction site from east to west.

The Scarborough Police have been made aware of this situation and steps are being taken to deal with this matter.

Drivers who wish to access the Scarborough Tennis Court, the Scarborough Secondary School and the Licensing Office from Milford Road are reminded that they should continue north along Milford Road to the Orange Hill traffic light, turn left onto the Claude Noel Highway, then turn left again onto Old Government Farm Road to get to Milford Road.

The Shaw Park roundabout is due to be opened at the end of February 2014.

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