Emergency teams responding to inclement weather damage reports

The Tobago Emergency Operations Centre (TEOC) is currently responding to 114 reports of damaged caused by recent inclement weather. That figure includes residents reporting damage to their roofs on a total of 52 houses.

Strong rains, and in particular heavy winds have resulted in fallen trees, roof damage and fallen overhead lines. The areas affected include Betsy’s Hope, Black Rock, Delaford, Glamorgan, Hope, Lambeau, Les Coteaux, Mason Hall, Moriah, Patience Hill, Pembroke, Plymouth, Runnemede, Shaw Park, Studley Park, Speyside, Goodwood, Carnbee, Mount Pleasant, Sargeant Cain, Whim and Bagatelle.

The Tobago Emergency Management Agency (TEMA), in conjunction with members of the Trinidad and Tobago Fire Service, the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), the Division of Infrastructure and Public Utilities and the Defence Force Reserves, along with the Socials Services Unit of the Division of Health and Social Services, are working to assess the damage and provide aid to those affected.

Currently, there are six teams conducting damage assessment and needs analysis arising from the impact of the weather. The TEOC will provide an executive summary report detailing the overall impact on the residential population and associated costs.

TEMA director Allan Stewart is also assuring the public that the THA and TEMA have sufficient resources to deal with the situation.

“Based on the progress we have made so far, we are well within the 72 hours of providing aid to all the persons affected,” Stewart said, adding that those who are “most critically affected” by the inclement weather will be given priority. TEMA is urging the public to be patient with the process of assessing the damage and providing aid.

The Agency has also been providing affected residents with tarpaulins to cover their personal and household items until repairs can be conducted. TEMA will continue to provide the public with updates on its progress via social and other media.

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