East Tobago to get more reliable electricity supply

The Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) is currently relocating a 12kV feeder cable from Runnemede to Charlotteville, which is expected to transform the electricity supply in east Tobago.

Previously, a large portion of the feeder cable had poles and lines running through heavily forested areas. The project, which costs more than $10 million, entails the upgrade and relocation of the line from Runnemede to Charlotteville. To date, the portion from Runnemede to the Bloody Bay/Roxborough Junction—roughly 60% of the project–has been completed.

Chief Secretary Orville London is pleased with the progress of the project, which should be finished by May.

“I have been very heartened by the way in which T&TEC in Tobago has been managed in recent months [and] recent years,” London said at Wednesday’s post Executive Council media briefing (January 27, 2016). “They’ve reported to us at regular intervals. We have indicated to them what our concerns are, and in most cases, we’ve got [ten] an adequate response.”

London met with T&TEC officials earlier on Wednesday and received updates on the progress on the project.

“When that is done, the quality of the electrification and the service will be improved beyond recognition,” the Chief Secretary explained. “The project will bring benefits including fewer outages, business opportunities, and improved road safety due to the lighting of a major portion of the Northside Road.”

He revealed that T&TEC has also repaired over 500 street lights throughout the island in the last six months, and installed 161 new street lights.

“The outstanding installations will be completed by the end of January,” he said, adding the THA is “working with T&TEC to provide an additional 372 street lamps at various locations.”

London told the media he is also satisfied with the operations at the Cove Power Station. He complimented the workers at the plant, saying its reliability is “among the highest” at 97.8% in 2015, up from 87.5% in 2012.

“We in Tobago generate all the electricity that is needed, because we have a capacity in Tobago for 64 megawatts. We average 50 megawatts during normal circumstances with an annual peak of about 55 megawatts”.

The Chief Secretary also indicated that discussions were recently held with T&TEC and WASA regarding conserving electricity.

“Conservation doesn’t cost anything but it can save millions (of dollars). That is something we’re going to be focused on.”

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